Impact & Sustainability

Our positive impact on communities and the environment

CTCS has always believed that the interests of our farmers, suppliers and customers can be fully aligned with the health and progress of our planet. CTCS recognises sustainability as a key driver for sustainable growth of the business.

The Group is proud to prioritise the following activities which benefit our farmers, their communities, our climate and ourselves:

  1. Enhance farmer productivity and mitigate therisks of climate change through introduction and application of advanced & in new origins.
  2. Connect small scale farmers in remote rural communities to markets through development of partnership with NGOs, Development Finance Institutions and charities in origin.
  3. Enhance productivity by providing education and training in sustainable agricultural practices to small scale farming communities.
  4. Promote Gender equality: roughly 50% of the production handled (directly or indirectly) by CTCS is produced by women farmers.
  5. Promote tree planting and other environmental impact initiatives.

We are committed to delivering quality product to our customers while delivering real positive impact in the rural communities and environment in which we work, because it is in our commercial interests to do so.

Tom Snoek,
Group Founder and CEO

Supporting the UN SDG’s

Through our activities, we contribute to a number of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

CTCS Sustainability Projects

See Canon Garth and CTCS Coffee for more information regarding our sustainability initiatives specific to each product. 

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