Canon Garth’s success is built on its ability to provide a full range of services to peanut and edible seed growers, processors and consumers, worldwide. Our focus is to enhance value at all stages of the supply chain through a combination of in-house expertise and a solid understanding of client requirements.

Today our principle origins are the, Nicaragua, Brazil, Argentina, USA, South Africa and China. We serve snack food, peanut butter and confectionary manufacturers as well as bird food packers worldwide. Consistent with the CTCS ethos, Canon Garth maintains and continues to develop long term relationships with both suppliers and customers.
The services that Canon Garth provides come under the following broad headings:

1. Sales and Marketing: 
Canon Garth takes growers’ final product to the global market and realises best possible prices on their behalf through thorough analysis of market conditions, professional marketing and long term relationships with buyers in the snack, peanut butter and bird food markets.

2. Origin Development/ Technical Assistance:
Our technical team has a significant track record in the development of new locations for the production of peanuts. We offer consultancy to and frequently partner with clients to share control of the following:

- Sourcing, Installation and Management of all necessary infrastructure and machinery;
- Supply/ developing of high quality high oleic seed;
- Management of all processes including growing, harvesting, drying, storage;
- Shelling and blanching.

The team brings a broad knowledge base from their work in different growing origins combined with a clear commercial understanding of what the market is looking for in terms of producer specification and quality. This skill sharing has proved fundamental to the success of our partnership with growers and in gaining the confidence of consumers.

3. Logistics:
Canon Garth has a team dedicated to ensuring that the product is delivered to the precise specification of the buyer, anywhere in the world, on time and at the lowest possible cost. This gives the buyer the comfort of superior value and consistency of quality and supply.

4. Corporate Finance: 
We use our contacts and experience developed over many years to organise hard currency finance on behalf of peanut suppliers in order to encourage growth and development.

Our objective is to add value to all stages of the transaction whilst promoting transparency, best business practices and ethical trade.